Why now?

  • We know companies with a strategy are... 12% more profitable and 70% of companies with a strategy outperform their competition. (Achieve)
  • We also know that most companies fail at execution, <15% of strategic goals are implemented. The key here is “First Who, then What” and helping the team understand the need for change.

  • Start now to... become a stronger strategic thinker equipped with the tools to lead strategy development in your organization or your department.
  • Learn at your own pace with videos, articles, and tools. Coaching available to support your journey.
  • Utilize the strategic toolkit of more than 10 best practices customized for mid-size companies to increase your company’s strategic capacity.

What you will learn:

  1. The framework and building blocks of creating a strategy to be successful in the new environment.  
  2. The integral role of PEOPLE and STRATEGY needed to propel your business or team forward.  
  3. The key strategic concepts everyone in your organization or team should know.  
  4. The critical external changes due to the Pandemic to address moving forward.  

Listen and Learn

Complete strategic assessments

Understand stakeholder goals

Listen to employees and customers

Analyze external environment

Plan Development

Define desired state

Prioritize SWOT

Determine strategic choices

Define strategic priorities


Create scorecards and plans

Update structure

Link to teams

Communicate to organization

Strategic Management

"Look up" monthly

Assess quarterly

Update annually

Invest in training

Darcy Bien

Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Darcy partners with CEOs and leadership teams to plan their organizations’ futures. With nearly 20 years of experience, Darcy takes a team-based approach to deliver “actionable strategy.”

Jane Meyer

Jane’s expertise ranges across marketing strategy development, advertising, and project management. She understands what drives consumer behavior and how to build brands people trust and love. A unique mix of analytical savvy and creative insight, Jane has helped produce several award-winning campaigns.



Executives, Leaders, and Small Business owners who want to win in this new reality.


Grow your strategic capacity to build your business, team, or department.

Price: $299